Wedding Cake Stands Cheap

Cupcakes Stand for cheap, nice and homely

Stand for cupcakes cheap,nice and homely

nos propone en esta ocasión hacer un stand muy chulo para nuestras magdalenas decoradas. There's nothing like doing things yourself. THE Cotton Fairy offers us this time to make a stand decked out for our cupcakes decorated.Visit its blogs that have interesting ideas,you'll see.

How to make a home stand for cupcakes!

To make a home stand must follow a few basic steps.

1.Go home to your mother for "borrowed" your dishes dishes such as vintage!!
Two.If you're like me you drill machine and I are incompatible,the solution is to have at hand a husband / father / brother to be very "apañao" and having a drill ;-).
Three.Having prepared a dozen cupcakes
(.... For what we want but the stand ;-) LOL)
April.And of course,these supports so cute for dishes.
(You can buy them HERE )

Once we have these 4 points is a breeze!

Well I also recommend trying out feelers on a plate serving us just in case ;-)!

I made a little tutorial with some of advice and how to assemble the stand,you can download it

Hope you like and set yourself to work!


giftbay GiftBay Creations 743-14R Wedding Round Cake Stand, 14-Inch, Silver
Kitchen (giftbay)
  • Wedding silver cake stand 14" round top surface with 6.25" height
  • Silver finish - nickel plated and very strongly built with heavy gauge aluminum sheet to withstand the weight of wedding multilayer cake
  • Beautifully hand embossed on the sides, legs and on the top surface border by our expert artisans
  • Adorned with unique hammered design In the center of top surface skillfully created by hands
  • So beautiful that our customers often send feedbacks like, "Pictures don't describe the true beauty"

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My personal experience on themed weddings

2006-04-07 15:43:55 by IllegallyBlonde

My sister and her husband are very into a cowboy kind of lifestyle. They had a cowboy wedding. The groom and groomsmen wore jeans and boots cowboy hats with tux jackets and carried rifles. The bride wore white cowboy boots under a traditional dress. It was an outdoor wedding at a barn. We ate BBQ off paper plates, took wagon rides, and took pictures on an old rusty tractor. The cake was made by Mike's Amazing Cakes and looked like a big bale of hay with a saddle laying on it.
Now hardly any the guests are into the whole cowboy-country thing. However everybody was extremely gracious and had a great time

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Utenlid® Utenlid® 4-Tier Stacked Party Cupcake and Dessert Tower - Clear Acrylic Cake Stand
Home (Utenlid®)
  • Sturdy, clear acrylic construction with 4 tiers that handsomely showcase contents
  • Simple to assemble and disassemble; nesting design allows for compact storage
  • 4-tier dessert tower beautifully displays about 30 cupcakes or multiple personal-sized treats
  • Great for holidays, parties, entertaining, and everyday use; hand-wash
  • Great way to display cupcakes, appetizers, brownies and other party treats.

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  • Avatar Shally tally HELP ME PLEASE! Do columned wedding cakes have a separator plate over and under each cake?
    Apr 28, 2008 by Shally tally | Posted in Cooking & Recipes

    Does a plastic plate rest on the center then columns go up into another separator plate and they all balance on the way the columns insert into each other?

    Is the rods that go through the cakes better and more sturdy?

    Where is the cheapest place to get these tiered wedding cake stands?

    • The Wilton cake site has wedding cake tier sets. They also have step by step directions with pictures for 11 different ways of assembling and the materials you'll need.

  • Avatar Sammi Benson Where can I find someone to make a custom cake topper for a reasonable price?
    Jun 25, 2011 by Sammi Benson | Posted in Sculpture

    My fiancee and I are getting married in about a year and half and we want to have a wedding cake topper of me and him standing on top of our cake with The Doctor and the Tardis from the British television series Doctor Who... I can find the Tardis and The Doctor pretty easily but I need figurine things of my future husband and I to match them and be in normal clothes... If anyone could help that would be super amazing.

    • "I need figurine things of my future husband and I to match them and be in normal clothes"
      So you want a sculpture of the two of you that is recognizable and "reasonable" which is likely to be …hout a suggestion it will be cheaper - look up "personal action figures" or variation on that for companies that mold from body scans or images - I seem to recall those were $1500 but maybe they have come down.