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Yahoo! Canada Fashion Beauty - we get married! We get Married

2013-05-17 14:28:20

Life of a marriage is back, ladies fashion, his life and love story, turned into a beautiful wedding in the bubble, the wedding of Tears.

Fashion Freaky Li Qian Rong dream, is five months with a stomach Phuket little prince to marry pregnant modified Victorian style retro taste white, years later, still very elegant. Designer Zheng Yaxin dream is handmade wedding, but also for the good sister bridesmaid, mother weave a beautiful dress with Mummy. Taiwan and Japan mestizo ladies Dong Xiaohui fantasy, evil envy of the world (Hollywood actress and supermodel also Yaochun jealous), by the Taiwan-born designer Jason Wu surgeon, presented the first pieces of wedding Yiping! Dai Jun Zhu fantasy, prince and princess are scenes of idol-like screen. Shen Yun Ting pageant ladies dream is to witness through two generations of love.

Yahoo! Canada stylish ladies invited to share their "most treasured" many "never exposed" Wedding / Wedding behind the secrets behind and Private photos.

Ladies together and now, into their dream wedding a time machine, replay beautiful dream wedding and the wedding never forget the tears collapse moment.

Or is about to become the bride wants you, quickly take notes, write down the aristocratic wedding dress, stylish and practical Tip unbeaten, even 30 years later when the grandmother with grandchildren phase of the open, into the eye or a catch up with the times fashion bride!

1 Li Qian Rong

[Freaky Bride • Li Qian Rong]

Walking in front of fashion and era Qian Rong, had to pick the wedding, in order modified 5 months pregnant flavor, pick the wedding must have thought well before several elements ~ waist A line skirt cake cover pregnant belly, high collar with lace Long, Bai Bai cover sleeve! Think together, became a Victorian style retro white, elegant and lovely, with great guests praise, do not say no one has guessed the little prince in the stomach! Qian Rong also disclose, when all the weight during pregnancy fat in his body, limbs, it is also particularly evident, dribbling marry the girls, do not worry about the wedding is not pretty, stealing learn Qian Rong European vintage wedding bar.

10 years ago, Qian Rong can be said that Taiwan's overseas wedding wind originator! Childhood longing for the wedding did not particularly Qian Rong, participated in large and small weddings, the only hope is that eliminating red tape, have fun with friends and family to celebrate, so choose the side that allows guests to attend the wedding and holiday fu Phuket. 10 years later, a friend in the hearts of the most memorable wedding, or Qian Rong this game!

Seen major scenes Qian Rong, originally thought he would be a strong flick tears no bride, I did not expect, one foot on the western petal white blanket, elegant smile will lose, lips trembling, expect a formal advance to the next life stage, inexplicably nervous and moved to tears collapse, still burst into tears when exchanging vows. Until the last TSE guests, efforts show smile.

Outdoor wedding advantage is tired, you can take off your high heels! Qian Rong said his personality against the bone, not the bride to wear "Pumps" customs bond, then pick a pair of open-toed high heels diamond, marriage is still very real wear.


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Anyone here having a kind of "out there"wedding?

2010-03-06 11:01:45 by bunny11

My SO and I have been so indecisive with planning this wedding. We decided to go with a Godfather/Mafia theme wedding. It sounds more over the top than it actually will be though lol.
We are going to have our invites and stationary printed like this:
We saw some "divorce cakes" which we could use as a wedding cake, but even those were a bit too much for us. We are thinking of having a vintage revolver pattern on the cake instead of making it look like blood is dripping down the cake.
We are looking into venues right now as we speak

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  • Avatar LoveTheSkinUrIn How can I make a classy rock n roll wedding?
    Apr 03, 2009 by LoveTheSkinUrIn | Posted in Weddings

    How can design a wedding with my classy sort of vintage side and my fiances musician side? I want to have like guitar picks and drum stick as favors on the tables and our colors are red and kind of a burgendy red. i want …er but I just can come up with any good ideas on how to blend the two styles together without it looking like a mess!! anyone have any ideas?

    Please feel free to go into detail!

    Thanks so much!!

    • Like this for place cards