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Wedding Cake: Decorating Wedding Cake Ideas

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Zoe Clarke hails from London and has a shoppe in Which she sells and writes and teaches classes. Wildly popular for her talents, she is definitely sought after as baker and teacher. This books tell why. Without a doubt, Zoe has written another book on the fine art of making ethereal cakes! This time, it encompasses 10 sets of beautiful cakes with a total of 30 Accompanying ideas and designs to make themed cakes, cupcakes, and cookies.

Anything That comes from the mind and hands of talented Ms. Clarke will always enchant you. This is her third offering for Those Who enjoy life celebrations, and you will find fresh idea's, some with an edge you might not have thought of before. She offers cakes That are in the vein of "shabby chic" with a twist. Pastels, delicate pressure piping, stenciling, etc. are part of the creations That She created.

As as to what level of baker this book is most suited, I would Say That some solid skills would be a definite plus. While she does give the steps needed to make These gorgeous themed cakes and longer available, it is not a bible teaching. But if you the time and patience to learn, with perhaps another basic cake decorating book as your reference, These cakes and treats, will be managed without problem.

As usual, the photography is clear and generous, with the assumption That You have had some exposure to this field of cake decorating. The colors are mostly pastel with a couple of exceptions. The writing is clear Also with numbered steps to keep you in line with progression of the projects.

I will really try not to give too much away in describing this glorious book:


This includes all the "baking essentials" and "creative tools" used Throughout the book for each project. In some books, the tools are displayed separately and numbered know That You would know Which Is Which and for what they are used. In this book, the tools are grouped into 2 small photos, without numbers, but with Bulletpoints under the photos, and explanation of names. As I said previously, this is where the basic knowledge helps.

CHAPTER ONE: Dusky Rose Romance
The cover of pastel pink fondant cake and roses, and of white dots That cover the cake plus cupcakes and wedding cake-shaped cookies to match.

CHAPTER TWO: Damask Elegance
3 graduated square, green sherbet cakes decorated with delicately white damask pattern stenciled on the sides; wow! Ribboned mini-cakes and cookies make lightly stenciled square the match!

This was modern and different but so perfect for a couple who want something traditional but crave some modern flare! This is a graduated, multi-tiered cake with a simple, one-color, hexagonal shape with sides That have run-outs of city skylines (Paris, New York, London, etc.). This Gives You no limit as to how to combine the tastes of both bride and groom and even Their loved ones. Are they from 2 different cities? No problem! Make skylines from each and place them around the cake. Do they have a special city That means something to them? Make a run-out for them! Want to add a special place of the heart for the parents of the couple? Make a run-out! The petit fours and cookies hexagonal That Accompany this cake were just as special and beautiful as well.


Creative Wedding Cakes 2: More high quality pictures of beautiful wedding cakes
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Wedding cake, yum

2008-02-15 09:28:40 by anon-for-this-one

Remember you have options on your wedding cake, Igreen02. Much of the higher costs for wedding cakes is the amount of labor involved in constructing the tiered cakes, transporting them, and then assembling them on site.
Think about doing one small decorated cake for you and your new husband to cut for photos, but have the rest of your cake in sheet cake form. This is done frequently these days and saves a lot of money. It is also easier to box up the left-over cake to take it home. (Be sure the baker furnishes the boxes)
Also popular are cupcakes for wedding

Minimizing cake costs

2009-11-03 16:40:34 by vcabbyw

The sheet cake is a great option. Ive read from other sites that obviously anything the word "wedding" attached to it is marked up more. So my idea is that you could convince her all you REALLY want is a simple white/cream sheet cake (or round cakes on stands as posted earlier), then have the tops decorated with inexpensive flowers you can pick up in any grocery store or florist. My assumption is that the cakes would be cheaper if there isnt any fancy decorating or labeled as a "wedding" cake.
Another option Ive read (Im not sure how you could approach her on this.....) is you can bake cupcakes then find a professional baker (on the side possibly) decorate/frost the tops to match your decor

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    Apr 03, 2009 by LoveTheSkinUrIn | Posted in Weddings

    How can design a wedding with my classy sort of vintage side and my fiances musician side? I want to have like guitar picks and drum stick as favors on the tables and our colors are red and kind of a burgendy red. i want …er but I just can come up with any good ideas on how to blend the two styles together without it looking like a mess!! anyone have any ideas?

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  • Avatar mel_anie_2003 Wedding cake dilema???????
    Jun 15, 2009 by mel_anie_2003 | Posted in Engagements & Weddings

    Im having 3 tier cake with ribbon round with pearl brooches on top tier and bottom tier. my theme is pearls an vintage now i was thinking of having a lace overlay round my ribbon which is light sage green just enough to see the green through. wot do you think about this? cant find any pictures like this to see if it looks good. any help???

    • My suggestion is go to walmart buy some cheap ribbon and lace bake a basic cake then put together see how it look I like the idea