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Wedding Cake without error - Ceremony and Party

Disclosure Size,style,filling: everything counts when choosing the wedding cake.This is Danielle Andrade

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Do not err on the amount of cake,sweet and well-married

But for that to happen,the bride should pay attention to some secrets.The pastry chef Carole Crema,of La Vie en Douce ,suggests looking for a reference photo as the starting point of the construction of the cake."From there,customize according to your party, " she says.

The experts assure that less is more,so do not make too much,or try to enter a cake in a modern classic ambiance and vice versa."You have to take the greatest care with the mixture of colors and the furnishings, " adds Carole.

The optimal amount

Not all guests eat the cake,unless you are inside,where no one goes away without tasting a piece - say good luck.According to Silvia,calculate sweet for only about 30% of the guests is enough.Carole suggests 40 grams per guest,not to be at risk of missing.

"Consider whether there will be dessert and sweets. The greater their number,less cake should be ordered.And if the party is at night,it can be smaller than the celebration at noon,when more people will eat,"adds Paula Gradícola,cake designer .

Disclosure High or low?Depends on the height of the newlyweds.The King's Cake

To stay beautiful and harmonious in the picture,the size of the cake should also be taken into consideration."The size must be proportional to the height of the newlyweds.Couple very tall cake requires 4 or 5 floors,so it does not disappear.Already shorties need models with fewer floors,"explains Carole.Also think about where he'll be.If the table of sweets,the cake can be mean.But it will be displayed in a table on the dance floor,needs to be more flashy and consequently greater.


Forget fresh fruit.They do not take into fillings or toppings of wedding cakes,they can not be preserved,regardless of the season in which your party happen.

Vanilla cream,nuts,happily married,coconut and chocolate ganache are the traditional fillings,mainly because usually please the palate of most guests."The best cake is one of classic taste and smooth, " says Carole,who finds elegant serve slice with a scoop of ice cream,turning it into a dessert.

Disclosure Colors and bold shapes combine with parties of the same style.Fleur de Sucre

The three Boleiras agree: the classic cake has more than one floor,covering fondant white or off-white,decorated with garlands of flowers,all delicate,with traditional noivinhos porcelain on top.But there are options for all tastes.

"What is fashionable is the cake three floors,floral,with a range of tiny balls 3D" Silvia chooses.Ties and drapes thanks also fell in the "fashion cake.""The cupcakes are also a fever,but do not combine with any type of wedding party, " says Carole.

Back to the beginning,the wedding cake is definitely as the bride's dress.Need to be beautiful,fit in your pocket,realize a dream and respect the style of the couple and the party,in addition to please the largest possible number of guests.


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Amatuer Cake Decorator here....

2008-05-07 14:01:53 by Tea_T

Ok I'm in the Midwest, so I can't make your wedding cakes for you but I can give you some advice.
If you want cakes like the cake pan Lynnae posted a picture of then those should be easy for a bakery to do. I don't see why they couldn't do it, besides the fact the mold only makes 6 cakes per pan and they would have to get more pans so the baking goes faster, or use fewer pans and the baking take longer..... but if you want ones that are actual mini cakes with a small cake stacked ontop of another small cake, then those are prolly going to be pretty pricey and the bakeries don't want to do them b/c they are extremly time consuming

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  • Avatar Melanie W How to decorate a pink and brown wedding?
    Jun 04, 2010 by Melanie W | Posted in Engagements & Weddings

    My wedding isn't until July 16th 2011. Our wedding colours are brown and pink. We are decorating our own head table. I have no ideas on how to decorate any ideas will be greatly appreciated also pictures as well

    • You have plenty of time..........and i LOVE those colors!!!! Great Choices.

      Are you having your reception outside or inside?

      Here are some table ideas....(just remember to VISUALIZE your colors):

      I am all for keeping it CLASSY! ;)

  • Avatar tanner About how much does it cost to have a destination wedding?
    May 31, 2013 by tanner | Posted in Weddings

    Would like to have a small destination wedding in the US on the beach. Plan on having mostly immediate family. But would like a little decorated area on a nice private beach area. I plan to spend only $500 or less on …o get a tiered wedding cake. Plan to have a photographer. We'll need to pay for our flight & hotel stay as well as for our 3 children. Can this be done for $5000 or less? Not sure where to have it at yet. Need tips!

    • Depends what you want, when and where in the US! Would need you to answer some questions before can tell you how much would cost you. I'm a wedding planner based in the UK but work internationally so can help you with some advice...get in touch [email protected]