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The bridal shower or bachelor party girl Bi ...

Well not really. You can imagine that if our dear American friends make a bachelorette party, called home bachelor girl AND a bridal shower there is a reason: these are two different and complementary things.

Good to understand everything a little history is needed. I warn you now this is not the most exciting part of the article but it is always good to know the origin of things.Tiffany cake Finally, in any case I like it.

The Bridal Shower comes straight from the Anglo-Saxon countries: USA, Canada, Australia ... But it happens for several years to our beloved France. The exact origin of the bridal shower is not quite accurate.Call Some think it comes from Belgium, Holland others. For the small English legend, this festival was organized for the bride if the parents did not approve the marriage or do not have the financial means to provide a dowry. During this festival, friends of the bride brought her gifts to compensate for lack of dowry for her to marry the man she had chosen.Call Customs have changed much but the party is restée.Le lecture on the history of bridal shower is over I promise! Now entering the heart of the matter. Today Bridal Shower is what? It is a festival in honor of the bride during which gifts are offered to him, animations and games are organized and enjoyed many delicious things ... A perfect time for the bride.


Who organizes the bridal shower and who participates?

This festival is organized by the witnesses or with the complicity or not the bride. Indeed, it is possible that the bride is not consulted. The Bridal Shower becomes a nice surprise party often appreciated by the bride! It is clear that more and more people are turning to an Event Planner to organize the festival. Do not hesitate to call Julie & you to organize your Bridal Shower!

For the guests are mostly friends of the bride who are invited but also members of the family: sisters, cousins, aunts, mother ... But girls! It happens now that the bridal shower turns into "Couple Shower" which in this case were the bride and groom who are honored. But this is exceptional.

What budget is devoted to the bridal shower and who pays the bill?

This is often the witness believes that the budget of the bridal shower and requires participation in each guest.

It's going where and when?

The place: The more often organized in one of the witnesses, sometimes with a family member but it is rare.

Date: 2 weeks to 2 months before the wedding. It is often held on weekends, as brunch, taste or festive evening. Everything depends on the availability of the guests.

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Any ideas for an interesting cake recipe?

2006-08-26 17:50:10 by ---

I need a non-chocolate cake recipe for a wedding! The chocolate cake is taken care of, but I'd like to have something unique for the second one. I was thinking a luscious peach cream or cherry or strawberry cake, but haven't actually had any of these, so dunno how good they'd be. Any suggestions for unique cakes, fruit or otherwise? Thanks foodfo.

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