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What are the dishes for cakes?
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You can use brackets cakes to present the cake.

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The term "pie plate" can be used to specify several different elements, but may generically describe any plate used to hold the cake, either whole or sliced. The term also is used to embrace media cakes, which are often used for entertainment, storage or display cake.

Serving Dishes

The small plates known as "cake dishes, " often used to serve cake at parties and other gatherings, once the cake has been cut. These small plates are usually large enough to contain a piece of cake, and nothing else, so that the cake should be served in portions at celebrations like weddings and birthday parties.

Standard cake plates

For informal events, almost any dish can be used as a cake dish. The best dishes to use are completely flat, without a "lip" or lifting around the edges that could prevent the cake is resting flat on the plate. It is usually best to use a plate imitating the shape of the cake (square cake, square plate, etc.) or that the plate is larger than the cake so the cake does not hang over the edge.


The pedestal cake plates are simply plates with a single pedestal or base plate holding a way to display it. This type of dish is often used to provide a decorative or for storing a cake (when covered with a cover glass or plastic). It can be done using a cake plate, a base (such as a vase or candlestick) and glue. Simply paste a broad base to the plate and let it dry.

Dishes for tiered cake

The tiered cake dishes are best used for weddings and create cakes very formal, multi-layer. These types of dishes can be purchased online at cake shops or in many craft stores. They have "connectors", where the columns are inserted to stack cake layers with maximum stability. It is better to buy these dishes in kits. The plates for normal cake can not be safely used to stack cake, because of the lack of a clamping mechanism to ensure that they remain fixed columns and firm, preventing the layers of the cake wobble or sliding.

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I did a winter wonderland wedding for my

2010-04-28 15:16:13 by Leona

Niece in three months last year. We used a room at Heritage Square, also there is the Victorian house where you can bring in your own food.
I have a lot of names and numbers for great prices on things like DJ, photographer, cakes etc....
We did her whole wedding for under $3000, we only had about 75 people there. It can be done! She had her wedding at the little chapel at Heritage Square, and took pictures outside in the snow....it was beautiful!!
Let me know if you want numbers.

Bride Puts Disastrous Wedding Cake Up For Sale On Ebay (PICTURES)  — Huffington Post UK
The cake was made for our wedding..and this is what was waiting for us at our reception. We have things in motion to prevent this person ever making a cake again and upsetting, or trying to rip off other unsuspecting customers.

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