Formal Wedding cake Toppers

What I put on my wedding cake? A nice cake-topper!

I was daydreaming in front of the beautiful and good cakes Berko last night (I'm trying to get the video to show it to you because they are just ... yum ... yummie) and instead of throwing me a carrot cake in the corner, I thought I'd give me a chance to get into my wedding dress and tell you * rather cake toppers.

Késaco? Those who are familiar with Style Me Pretty and Once Wed deviate other issue with the back shoulder with insurance initiated, the other answer me: "gni?" (What I told pretty much the first time I heard the term). The cake topper, so that's what's going on top of the cake, so far it is not hard. The thing is that until now, if you are talking about decorating wedding cake, you think about it: Figurines-piece-buildup-wedding.jpg

Normally, at this stage, you leave running, if I did wrong my job here. Or you are here by mistake (if you typed the query "traditional marriage", go complain to Google, it's really not nice of him).

In short, modern bride normally constituted, you had almost given up the idea of ​​figures, even the wedding cake as a whole. Except that cake topper is the figurines that is chocolate brown (thank you Koarou) the same thing, but more chic. Fortunately, the internet world is there for you. And I like birds, why not replace unclean characters by small plastic Tommies?

To start the day gently (I know, it is already well underway, but my last neurons have just waking up), so here is a small selection piochée on Etsy (what else?) Pretty lovebirds that will not shame you on your wedding cake, the day came.

Knitted stylized, chewable and shopper in Sabahnur

If you adore playing with wooden blocks, this one is for you. The icing on the cake topper: the tree is personalized to your two names, a memory that you can flaunt without shame. It is in Urastarhouse .

Handmade birds that exist in a lot of different materials. I have a weakness for it, a look at the love of books that I share with Panda blink. You will find them Cottonbirdsdesigns .

Well, these are not, strictly speaking, cake toppers. Instead of pins, actually. But I'm sure we can totally distract them from their original use by removing the pin, and the colors, it's not gay? They nest in Moloco .

I hope this small selection you an appetite ;-)

Jamais à court d'une idée géniale, La petite fourmi vient de me rappeler dans les commentaires que Peonies and Polaroids (un blog juste aaaah, si vous ne connaissiez pas) a fait un excellent tuto pour fabriquer des pioupious à moindre coût. Edit: Never short of a great idea, the ant reminded me in the comments Peonies and Polaroids (aaaah just a blog, if you do not know) has done a great tutorial for making Tommies cost. If you hand your credit card statement and self-rolled into a ball of shame, start! It's here . The first who happens to send me a picture!


WeddingStar Porcelain Owl Pair Figurines Cake Topper
Health and Beauty (WeddingStar)
  • This set of two white porcelain owls is not only elegant but is sure to bring joy sitting atop any style of wedding cake.
  • Whether for an outdoor celebration or a more formal, black tie event, these little cuties are timeless and versatile.P

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You have issues..........

2009-04-28 04:57:32 by justbiteme

Us adults being on Facebook are certainly not perv's or feel like perv's in any way, shape, or form. Believe me, you are very small and closed minded about this. What is so wrong with me having the chance to look at a freinds wedding cakes that she's designed, or my step grand-childrens pictures, or vacation photos of a friend? We use it differently than the teens do, you need to understand this before you judge so harshly.

Someone new is peeing on her now

2012-04-06 07:14:02 by TheSportsGuy

Fox 59
There are plenty of ways to incorporate your pets into the big day: The cake toppers can be in the shape of the breed of your pet, as can the cakes themselves. Cookies that look like your pet can be part of the wedding favors.

Auburn's hidden fragility  — The Auburn Plainsman
Montgomery has also made a glass cake topper for his wedding and his friend's wedding.

Cake Decorating Fleur De Lis Cupcake Picks - 12 ct
Kitchen (Cake Decorating)
  • 12 plastic cupcake picks
  • Black
  • Size: 2.75" high x 1.5" wide
Dress My Cupcake Dress My Cupcake DMC31403 24-Pack Laser Cut Cupcake Wrappers and Washi Pennant Toppers DIY Kit, Formal Black and White Stripes
Kitchen (Dress My Cupcake)
  • Kit includes: 24 laser cut white cupcake wrappers, 24 wood sticks, 1 roll Japanese-style washi decorative paper tape
  • Laser cut wrappers are for presentation only; Do not bake In these wrappers
  • Wrappers are easy to assemble; Simply hook tab into slot; Optional: Secure with tape or glue
  • Picks do not arrive pre-decorated; To create, simply wrap tape around wood stick and cut inverted V on end of tape
  • Combine with Kraft favor boxes, pom poms, lanterns, pinwheels, paper straws and other Dress My Cupcake items to complete your dessert table

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  • Avatar Kmott Wedding Cake Topper?
    Jan 24, 2008 by Kmott | Posted in Weddings

    Ok so my fiance and I are getting married Nov. 1 the day after Halloween and we have an autumn theme for our wedding. I really want a Nightmare before Christmas Wedding Cake topper for the cake. It is my fave movie and I …know where I can get one? I have looked on the internet for some but can't seem to have luck with finding one that isn't $150. Thanks for the help!
    Thank you all so much everyone gave me some really good ideas. :0)

    • Found that one which is a little less expensive. Here's a "nightmare before christmas" themed wedding cake:

  • Avatar WallisWedding Help with wedding planning.?
    Nov 29, 2012 by WallisWedding | Posted in Engagements & Weddings

    We are planning an autumn wedding in 2014. In north Devon. Does anyone have any good advice? any websites that could be useful? We have a very small budget but are able to do some of the creative stuff ourselfs as we and our friends have some arty ability. Any help/advice would be much appreciated =]

    • See if your local adult learning centre does cake decorating/sugar flower modelling/ cake topper making classes, there cheap an i started y whole career from them. there pretty cheap to. do this so you can make your wn w …s of stuff you can make so much cheaper by doing it yourself, and if you have a nack for crafty things, it makes it a million times easier!

      congratulations and good luck and i hope you found this useful =D